A case study of seasonal website optimization
for East Yorkshire business in Kingston upon Hull, A case study

Seasonal web optimization, its quick simple and very effective.

Seasonal web optimization is nothing new but it is one of the most overlooked optimization strategies. As the seasons change so do the search terms that your potential customers are searching for. Your website should be in sync with seasonal trends and with the help of Google insights for search tool its easy to maximize the potential of your website. In this case study we will assume we are optimizing a website for a Hotel in Hull Yorkshire. Lets say the Hotels website is doing well in search engines and is getting good business from tourists searching the web for Hull Hotels, Yorkshire Hotels and all other search terms that you would expect for a hotel website in Hull Yorkshire.

Google insight for search term Attractions Yorkshire.

Now its time for us to boost business with the help of Google insites for search.

Peaks and troughs and what they tell us and how we can use them.

The chart above tells us that the search term Yorkshire attractions is getting searched more during the months of April and August. So during those months we should be optimizing for this peak. This Hotel website has a page featuring Yorkshire attractions but to take advantage of the peak we could add some extra information to the front page of the site featuring the search terms Yorkshire attractions with a link to the local Attractions page. This should be done a mont before the peak.

Now lets fill the troughs

Time to experiment with relevant search terms to find what peaking during the other months.

So we return to google insights and throw a number of relevant search terms at it and within a no time we have identified another search term with a peak month peak. The chart below is showing that the search term cheap weekend breaks is peaking every January. So as we did with the above example is we give more prominence and optimize for this search term a month or two before the peak.

Simple but effective The more you play the more it pays

Ok we used very simple examples but you get the idea. We only spent a few minutes searching Google insights tool to come up with these peaks. The more time you spend experimenting with google insights tool the better the result. We tend not to use this method to find peaks for every month. We just apply this method to maybe the two or three most contrasting results.Its only a guess but I notice an average 15% rise in visitors. I have been lucky on a few occasions and seen an increase of 30% thanks to just one particular monthly search peak.

Ask your web developer if they have used this method.

If they haven't ask them why they don't think a 15% increase in potential customers is important to you and your business.